Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd. - Investor Credit Ratings

Long Term Bank Facilities@ CARE D (Single D) -
Short Term Bank Facilities@ CARE D (Single D) -
Secured Redeemable NCDs@ CARE D (Single D) BWR D, Issuer not cooperating#^
Subordinate Redeemable (Tier II NCDs)@ CARE D (Single D) BWR D, Issuer not cooperating#^
Perpetual Debenture Bonds - BWR D, Issuer not cooperating#^

@Borrowings transferred to Srei Equipment Finance Limited (SEFL), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, as part of the business of the Company transferred to SEFL on and from 01.10.2019

# Issuer did not cooperate, based on best available information.

^ Vide order dated 6th Oct 2022, SEBI had cancelled Certificate of Registration (COR) of Brickwork Ratings India Private Limited as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA). The CRA has been directed to wind down its operations within a period of six months from the date of the aforesaid Order and not to take any new clients /fresh mandates from the date of Order. RBI has also vide press release dated 12th Oct 2022 communicated the same to all Regulated Entities and advised that the instructions regarding the prudential treatment of the existing ratings issued by the rating agency shall be advised separately, which is still awaited. Further, pursuant to initiation of CIRP, all the debts owed to financial Creditors have crystallized as on Insolvency Commencement Date i.e. October 8, 2021 and these debts would be payable as per the Resolution Plan to be approved by the Adjudicating Authority. In view of the above, at this juncture, the Company has not approached other CRAs for getting fresh ratings for the instruments rated by the Brickwork Ratings.