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Best Equipment Leasing Company in India - Quippo

Quippo is the largest infrastructure equipment rental brand and also provides equipment leasing services in India. We service the high growth verticals of Construction, Oil and Gas and Energy

Quippo Infrastructure provides a 'one of its kind' rental proposition – a unique alternative to actual 'ownership of the equipment' for customers in real estate, infrastructure, mining, industrial construction, bridges and highways sectors

Quippo Oil and Gas is in the business of renting onshore drilling rigs to oil majors and providing associated services. It has also forayed into onshore exploration

Quippo Energy Rental business provides gas-based generators. These gas-based generators offer a cleaner and cheaper option for a combined power and, heating or chilling solution

Quippo Auctioneers & Valuers provide plant and machinery valuation and conduct equipment auctions.

In addition to having a state-of-the-art equipment bank for construction and other infrastructure sectors, Quippo has a large pool of fully trained operations and maintenance personnel spread across various sites in India.

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