The ‘World Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality’ aptly christened ‘Enlightenment, a Journey – Through Service’ is aimed towards motivating people to cultivate and integrate the inner virtues with the outer being; to imbibe a strong value system coupled with a rich cultural & religious heritage. Many world renowned dignitaries, spiritual leaders and inspirational speakers have graced the occasion and shared their thoughts at this confluence. The 2013 edition of WCHPS was inaugurated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The foundation has created a platform – World Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality – to communicate this message to the mankind. Every year through this platform a wide variety of disciplines and personages represent different streams of thoughts and subjects with the intention to include all facets of psycho-physical and intellectual activity that have a bearing on the enrichment of human existence and awareness of the core meaning and purpose of life. In last 9 years, 11 World Confluences of Humanity, Power & Spirituality have been organized, which were bedazzled by the presence of eminent people from different walks of life and were applauded by dignitaries around the world. This confluence is not religion oriented. Emphatically it is for humanity, peace, harmony and happiness.