Life at SIFL


Life At Srei

Starting out? Newly experienced? Seasoned professional ?

We offer energizing and challenging opportunities at various stages of your career journey to explore your talent as a professional entrepreneur. If you want the world to be your playground, you need the best coaches. This can be aptly summed up about Srei. Professional entrepreneurs at Srei will groom you to make you one.

Srei has been an innovator in the infrastructure space: be it being the first to finance infrastructure equipment or creating an equipment bank. Be it mobilizing resources through innovative tools or developing innovative marketing programmes creating immense value and sharing this value with all stake holders like the manufacturers and customers.

A strong player in the infrastructure and financial services segment, Srei offers a wide diversity of opportunities across various verticals like Infrastructure Project Finance, Advisory and Development, Infrastructure Equipment Finance, Venture Capital, Capital Market and Insurance Broking.

Srei's unique business model will ensure that your journey in this organisation will be extremely exciting with multiple opportunities for cross selling leading to immense intellectual and career advancement. Srei provides opportunities for vertical and horizontal movements - within and across career streams in the organisation.

Srei's work culture encourages employees to be passionate, innovative and enterprising making them professional entrepreneurs and not letting them just be people with ideas.

So, come and discover the professional entrepreneur in you. Together, let us not wait for the future. Let us create it.

Because at Srei,

We Make Tomorrow Happen