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Media Releases

11/11/2019Srei reports consolidated PAT of INR 55.37 Crore in Q2FY20ViewDownload
30/10/2019 Srei Equipment, United Bank to jointly offer loans under co-lending programmeViewDownload
04/09/2019Rosgeo, Srei and Quippo sign Cooperation AgreementViewDownload
07/08/2019Srei reports consolidated PAT of Rs 42.67 crore in Q1FY20ViewDownload
04/07/2019Srei to continue its focus on equipment financeViewDownload
20/06/2019Srei Equipment receives credit approval of USD 30 million from Dutch Development Bank, FM0ViewDownload
07/06/2019Srei, PFS join hands to facilitate financing in the Energy Value ChainViewDownload
27/05/2019Srei Equipment, Oriental Bank to offer loans for equipment purchase under co-lending arrangementViewDownload
25/05/2019Srei reports 35% increase in consolidated net profit in Q4FY19ViewDownload
18/04/2019Srei Equipment, Bank of Baroda to offer loans for infrastructure equipment under co-lending arrangementViewDownload
09/04/2019Srei NCDs to offer coupon up to 10.75% p.a.ViewDownload
21/02/2019Srei Equipment, Syndicate Bank to jointly provide equipment financing under co-lending arrangementViewDownload
04/02/2019Srei reports consolidated net profit of 341.93 crore rupees in 9M FY19ViewDownload
21/01/2019Srei embarks on capital augmentation scheme and listing of equipment finance businessViewDownload
07/01/2019Norwegian Government Institution signs MoU for credit facility to Srei Equipment ViewDownload
18/12/2018Srei Equipment to raise up to 300 crore rupees through public issue of secured and unsecured redeemable NCDsViewDownload
28/11/2018NIB and Srei Equipment launch lending and leasing facility in IndiaViewDownload
16/11/2018Srei reports consolidated PAT of 110.97 crore rupees during Q2FY19 versus 86.03 crore rupees during Q2FY18.ViewDownload
19/10/2018MEDIA RELEASEViewDownload
27/09/2018Srei reaffirms its sound financial standing to all its stakeholdersViewDownload
05/09/2018Srei reports consolidated PAT of 139.55 crore rupees during Q1FY19 versus 65.15 crore rupees during Q1FY18ViewDownload
05/07/2018Srei Equipment's rating upgraded to AAViewDownload
28/04/2018Srei reports consolidated PAT of 384.55 crore rupees in FY18 vs 243.36 crore rupees in FY17, registering a growth of 58%ViewDownload
23/02/2018Srei Advisory partners UP Government to rejuvenate Agra as an iconic tourist-cum-holiday destinationViewDownload
17/01/2018Srei reports consolidated PAT of Rs 105.14 crore in Q3FY18 vs Rs 67.21 crore in Q3FY17, registering a growth of 56%ViewDownload
26/10/2017Srei reports consolidated PAT of 162.43 crore rupees in H1FY18 vs 113.44 crore in H1FY17, registering a growth of 43%ViewDownload
11/10/2017Srei Group and CBL Corporation signs MOU to explore offering Surety and Guarantee Products in IndiaViewDownload
04/10/2017Srei Equipment and Tata Motors sign MoU to finance commercial vehiclesViewDownload
17/08/2017Srei Equipment plans to dilute up to 25% of its capitalViewDownload
22/07/2017Srei reports consolidated PAT of 76.32 crore rupees during Q1FY18 versus 51.57 crore rupees during Q1FY17ViewDownload
11/07/2017Srei Equipment to raise up to 1,000 crore rupees through public issue of unsecured redeemable NCDsViewDownload
08/06/2017Srei signs MOU with Vnesheconombank to create 200 million dollars IT and Innovation FundViewDownload
09/05/2017Srei reported consolidated PAT of 243.36 crore rupees in FY17 vs 72.52 crore rupees in FY16ViewDownload
16/03/2017Srei Equipment's rating upgraded to AA+ViewDownload
03/02/2017Srei reports consolidated PAT of Rs 180.65 crore against 51.98 crore rupees for nine monthsViewDownload
25/01/2017Srei NCDs to offer coupon up to 9.50% per annumViewDownload
06/01/2017Srei Equipment's NCD issue fully subscribedViewDownload
26/12/2016Srei Equipment to raise up to 500 crore rupees through non convertible debentures (NCDs)ViewDownload
23/11/2016Srei appoints Sameer Sawhney as CEO.ViewDownload
05/11/2016Srei reports consolidated PAT of 61.87 crore rupees in Q2FY17ViewDownload
06/09/2016Srei NCDs to offer coupon up to 10% per annumViewDownload
23/08/2016Srei proposes to raise 1,000 crore rupees through Public Issue of Secured NCDsViewDownload
06/08/2016Srei reports consolidated PAT of 51.57 crore rupees during Q1FY17 versus 23.32 crore rupees during corresponding period of last yearViewDownload
08/07/2016Srei's rating upgraded to AA+ViewDownload
05/07/2016Srei Equipment's rating upgraded to AA+ViewDownload
17/06/2016Srei consolidates 100% shareholding in Srei Equipment ViewDownload
12/05/2016Srei reports consolidated PAT of 72.52 crore rupees for YTD March 2016ViewDownload
21/04/2016Srei encashes Viom telecom tower investmentViewDownload
23/02/2016Srei Alternative Investment Managers launches India Vision FundViewDownload
11/02/2016Srei reports consolidated PAT of 17.16 crore rupees in Q3FY16ViewDownload
29/12/2015BNP Paribas lease group acquires shares in Srei against its stake in Srei EquipmentViewDownload
07/11/2015Srei reported consolidated half yearly PAT of 34.82 crore rupeesViewDownload
21/10/2015Srei announces transaction with American Tower for controlling interest in Viom NetworksViewDownload
01/08/2015Srei reports consolidated PAT of 23.32 crore rupees vs. 13.47 crore rupees during previous quarterViewDownload
01/07/2015Srei plans to raise up to 2000 million rupees with an option to retain oversubscription up to 10,000 million rupees ViewDownload
01/05/2015Srei reports consolidated PAT of 129.11 crore rupees for YTD March 2015ViewDownload
01/05/2015Srei Equipment's Public Issue of secured, redeemable, non-convertible debentures (NCD) oversubscribed in term of base issue sizeViewDownload
25/04/2015Srei celebrates 25 years of infrastructure innovationViewDownload
08/04/2015Srei Equipment to raise up to 5,000 million rupees through Public Issue of secured, redeemable, non-convertible debenturesViewDownload
13/02/2015Srei reports PAT of 115.64 crore rupees in YTD Dec 2014ViewDownload
10/11/2014Srei PAT grows 4% in H1FY15 to 92.05 crore rupeesViewDownload
29/09/2014Srei to raise up to 15,000 million rupees in one or more tranches through Public issue of secured, redeemable, non-convertible debentures (NCDs)ViewDownload
02/08/2014Srei PAT grows by 35 % to 63.98 crore rupees in Q1FY15ViewDownload
23/05/2014Srei Total Income grows by 5% to Rs 3,260 croreViewDownload
09/05/2014Srei to raise 1,500 million rupees through public issue of secured, redeemable, non-convertible debentures (NCDs)ViewDownload
27/03/2014Srei to roll out White Label ATMs in rural IndiaViewDownload
06/02/2014Srei reports PAT of 46.30 crore rupees in Q3FY14ViewDownload
08/11/2013Srei Total Income grows 4% in Q2FY14 to 818.01 crore rupeesViewDownload
27/08/2013Srei raises its benchmark rate by 50 basis pointsViewDownload
14/08/2013Srei PAT grows by 171% to 47.22 crore rupees in Q1FY14ViewDownload
20/05/2013Srei total income grows by 27% to 3,110 crore rupeesViewDownload
14/02/2013Srei PAT grows by 140 % in Q3FY13 to 47 crore rupeesViewDownload
15/11/2012Srei receives Certificate of Registration for Srei Mutual Fund (IDF)ViewDownload
09/11/2012Srei inducts a European banking expert on Board.ViewDownload
09/11/2012Srei PBT grows 47% in H1FY13 to 205 crore rupeesViewDownload
04/10/2012Srei divests equity in Quippo Pipelay VesselViewDownload
10/08/2012Srei approves further equity investment in equipment finance joint venture with BNP ParibasViewDownload
14/05/2012 Srei business grows 49% to 18,600 crore rupeesViewDownload
03/02/2012Srei business grows by 22% in Q3FY12 to 3,939 crore rupeesViewDownload
05/01/2012Srei to issue tax-saving long term infrastructure bondsViewDownload
20/10/2011Srei Consolidated Disbursement Grows 31% in Q2FY 12 to 4,401 crore rupeesViewDownload
15/09/2011Srei Raises its Benchmark Rate by 75 Basis PointsViewDownload
30/07/2011Srei business registers growth of 59%, disburses 5,148 crore rupees in Q1ViewDownload
19/05/2011Srei PBT grows by 33% to 289 crore rupeesViewDownload
16/05/2011Srei raises its benchmark rate by 75 Basis PointsViewDownload
25/01/2011Srei consolidated top line crosses 1,000 crore rupeesViewDownload
28/10/2010Srei consolidated PAT records 194% growth in Q2, 2010-11ViewDownload
06/10/2010Srei Raises Benchmark Rate by 100 Basis PointsViewDownload
09/08/2010Srei business grows 111.61% to 3243.38 crore rupees during Q1 Srei consolidated PBT grows 75.02% to 74.61 crore rupees during Q1ViewDownload
11/05/2010Srei Net Profit grows by 89.90 % to 156 crore rupeesViewDownload
20/04/2010Monetary Policy Q4FY 2010: Road infrastructure financing to easeViewDownload
25/02/2010Economic Survey rightly identifies the action areas, however the pace of implementation holds the key: SreiViewDownload
24/02/2010Railway Budget can mark the beginning of a new chapter of PPP initiatives in Indian Railways: SreiViewDownload
28/01/2010Srei Q3 consolidated PAT increases by 404 % to 44.20 crore rupeesViewDownload
26/10/2009Srei business steadily back to Q2 PAT of 26.58 crores rupeesViewDownload
27/07/2009Srei Business back on track during Q1 with Consolidated Asset under Management crossing 10,602 crore rupeesViewDownload
12/06/2009Srei Business Grows by 15.39 % to 6,620 Crore rupeesViewDownload
10/06/2009Srei Lowers Benchmark Rate by 100 Basis PointsViewDownload
23/03/2009FMO led syndicate to provide ECB 100 million dollars to SreiViewDownload
18/02/2009Srei, WB Govt. and Amex of Czech to set up LRT in kolkataViewDownload
29/01/2009Srei Concentrates on Consolidation in Quarter 3ViewDownload
19/11/2008Srei Raises Benchmark Rate by 150 Basis Points.ViewDownload
30/10/2008Srei total business done grows by 60 % to 4656.22 crore rupeesViewDownload
20/10/2008Mr. Sunil Kanoria appointed Vice Chairman of Srei ViewDownload
30/07/2008Srei Group records 85 % increase in Profit After Tax in Q1ViewDownload
24/07/2008Srei Raises Benchmark Rate by 150 Basis PointsViewDownload
16/06/2008Srei Income grows by 90 %, PAT up 58%ViewDownload
30/01/2008Srei Group Assets Under Management Cross USD 2 Billion (Rs 8000 Crore). Total Income for Quarter Ended December 2007 Doubles to Rs 196.01 Crore.ViewDownload
08/01/2008Srei Introduces First Shariat Compliant Financial Instrument in the Indian Market.ViewDownload
29/10/2007Srei Group Profit Zooms 80%; Former IFC South East Asia Head Joins Srei Board.ViewDownload
19/09/2007Promoter Stake in Srei to go up from 20.10 % to 35.01%ViewDownload
31/08/2007Srei 'Paison ki Nilami' Arrives in Chennai.ViewDownload
29/08/2007Andhra Pradesh Government and Srei in Public Private Partnership (PPP) Initiative.ViewDownload
10/08/2007Srei 'Paison ki Nilami' Arrives in Vijaywada.ViewDownload
02/08/2007Srei 'Paison ki Nilami' Arrives in Pune.ViewDownload
31/07/2007Srei Records 55% Increase in Profit After Tax in Q1.ViewDownload
19/06/2007Srei Profit Records Stellar Growth by 64%; Performance Review - Year Ended March 31, 2007.ViewDownload
26/05/2007Srei 'Paison ki Nilami' Arrives in Ahmedabad.ViewDownload
02/04/2007Srei Benchmark Rate Increases by 150 Basis Points.ViewDownload