Hemant Kanoria - Chairman

For humanity, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a severe test of endurance, patience and adaptability. Individuals and organizations, the world over, are making necessary adjustments in their lifestyle and work culture respectively in order to cope with this crisis. The pandemic has taught us some very valuable lessons. We have realized why it is so important to respect and preserve Mother Nature. We have learnt to live without excesses. We have also understood the value of empathy and sharing. I believe that imbibing and assimilating these lessons will make us wiser and stronger. During our journey of three decades, our company has weathered many a storm by making necessary course corrections in our business model, this time too it will be no different. We have a strong business model, we have a dedicated and capable team in place and we have embraced technology in a major way. Beyond this current phase of short term difficulty, I can predict a very bright future for the group. An infrastructure-driven economic recovery will be the most logical move for the government and that will open up huge opportunities for our company in the days to come. All we need now is to stay safe, strictly adhere to hygiene protocols, be positive, remain focussed on our goal and keep building on our strengths.

Thank You,

Hemant Kanoria