Fund Based Financial Services

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SREI Infrastructure Products

We offer both fund based and non- fund based products, to meet the needs of our customers.

Fund Based Financial Services

Project Finance

We provide long-term financing of infrastructure projects based on projected cash flows. We extend infrastructure financing up to 75% of the project cost, secured by project assets and repaid entirely from project cash flows. We evaluate requirements of other securities and collaterals like guarantees, immovable assets, etc. Repayment is usually monthly, quarterly or structured with a flexible tenure based on project cash flow.

Term Loan

We extend corporate project finance to infrastructure borrowers based on cash flows of existing business, and financial strengths like balance sheet, etc. to meet normal capital expenditure. The tenure is usually up to 5 years, with repayment in monthly or quarterly instalments.

Structured Finance

We provide structured credit solutions in line with specific requirements of our customers. Our structured finance transactions are mostly a hybrid of bridge finance and term loan, and could have characteristics of term loan but usually with maturity not exceeding 5 years. Repayment and security terms are also structured in a manner that mitigates risk and provides flexibility for meeting the unique needs of our customers.

Syndicate Loan

We participate in consortium / multiple lending arrangements usually with a share of 25% of total debt requirement. The debt share may go up to 50%, in cases where we are the lead arranger.

Financing / Leasing

We provide asset backed funding to customers against productive assets viz. generators, vessels, industrial plants, etc. Repayment tenors are 3 - 5 years through monthly or quarterly rentals.

Sale & Lease Back

We provide project financing against any of the existing (procured / in-use) industrial machinery, commercial equipment, office equipment, generators, vessels, engines, etc, and the ownership of these products lies with the Project Finance division at the time of financing. Finance amount may extend up to 75% of the written down value. This is usually for a tenure of 3 to 5 years depending on the original date of purchase and current asset condition. Repayment is through monthly or quarterly rentals which may be equal or structured (step-up, step-down, bullet, etc.)

Non-Fund Based Financial Services

The Project Finance division extends non-fund based financial assistance to customers by leveraging credit line from bankers through Letter of Credit (LC) and Bank Guarantee (BG) facilities. LC and BG facilities are extended to customers with the appropriate cash margin.