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REBUILDING LIVES FOR for Acid Attack Survivors

Acid Survivors & Women Welfare Foundation (ASWWF), an initiative of Srei Foundation is working for the prevention of acid burn and other forms of violence against women in India since 2010.

ASWWF works towards the development and welfare of women. It promotes a social environment conducive to elimination of gender violence and acts as a forum for advocacy for such cases. It espouses a firm legal basis for prosecution of offenders. It also advocates for prescription of national guidelines for treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation of survivors of acid violence and other forms of violence. The Foundation operates through a network of offices pan-India. It has offices in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar and Patna. ASWWF has plans to open more chapters and offices to further enhance the outreach of its mission to rebuild the lives of all acid and other gender- based violence survivors.

The saying that time is a great healer does not lessen the acid survivor's woes, since she has to encounter shame and suffering for her very existence. ASWWF is trying to make the lives of the survivors a little easier and better. It endeavours to provide a better life to the disadvantaged women and help them stand on their own feet, so that in future they won’t have to put up with cruelties because of their helplessness.

In order to provide holistic care to the survivors, ASWWF works closely with likeminded organizations both nationally and internationally. The foundation works closely with partner organizations in Bangladesh. ASWWF works hand in hand with Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) a UK-based charity and centre of excellence in this field. Similarly, ASWWF is partnering with similar likeminded organizations within India. For its outstanding and invaluable services to the community, the US Congress has awarded the “Certificate of Special Congressional Regression” to ASWWF.


For showcasing handicrafts and other items made by the Acid Survivors, for the first time in India, Srei Foundation set up an outlet at Kolkata known as “SAMARPAN”.

Generating Employment Opportunities:

Some of the survivors of Acid Attacks and victims of violences against women have been employed by Srei Foundation and its associates. A number of survivors have been employed with the a fast-growing hotel chain in India. The Foundation also provides monetary assistance to many survivors for starting business and pursuing vocational courses.

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SWAYANGSIDDHA – Rehabilitation of Rescued Trafficked Women

Srei Foundation ensures “Women Empowerment” by initiating and donating funds for the rehabilation of rescued girls / women who were trafficked from South 24 Parganas district. The SWAYANGSIDDHA programme was implemented in association with North 24 Parganas Police Department and Goranbose Gram Bikas Kendra (GGBK), an NGO based out of Rajarhat. A total of 22 rescued girls/women were helped with the funds donated by the Foundation. All the rescued girls/women have been given training and have taken up vocations like tailoring, shop keeping, agriculture, rice-milling, animal rearing, beauty cares, local transports etc.

All these girls are presently financially independent – some of them have flourished their business with income generated from the business started with the funds provided by Kanoria Foundation and become completely self sustaining.

The whole hearted support provided by Srei Foundation in rehabilitating these young trafficked girls has transformed their lives. Their empowerment has given them social accpetability, embodied them to fight stigma and injustice and above all, given them tremendous confidence in themselves to start a new life. They are also leading local women’s groups in spreading awareness on potential dangers in the form of trafficking and resisting ill practices of child marriage and domestic violence. Two of the women got married and returned to the main stream of life.

Solar Charkha Mission:

The Solar Charkha Mission, is an initiative of Srei Foundation towards the self empowerment of the women of the rural village named Baraiya, Bihar was launched on 1st of April, 2018, in the glorious presence of ministers, industrialist, social workers and thousands of rural people. The rural village of Bihar, Baraiya witnessed something like this for the first time in their entire lives and with it a ray of hope and light started entering their lives. It’s truly areal good news for them because for the first time solar charkhas are being installed for the women to empower them, made them self dependent and independent economically. This will be a milestone for the future of the women living in villages. This project will allow the women to cut threads in these charkhas and sell them to the government directly which gives them a chance of earning Rs. 200-250/day (6k-10k approximately).

This project will generate employment to more than 1 lac young women in future. This will not only benefit the district of Baraiya but the adjacent villages will also be benefited from this. To start with, 25 solar charkhas and 5 solar looms will be installed and later on the number will go up to at least 100. This initiative will ensure a golden future for the youth. The women will be given proper training to cut thread in looms.

SIRAGU – Wings of Change

SIRAGU is a not-for-profit venture of Srei Foundation for public welfare and charity which aims to empower women by providing them with a unique platform for self development and independence. SIRAGU is focused on the upliftment of women living in the urban slums and survivors of acid violence in Chennai. This initiative has been launched in its Training – cum – Self Help Centre opposite the Central Railway Station in Chennai. Siragu has identified more than 40 women from urban slums of Chennai for this programme which will be expanded to benefit more constituents in the near future. The participants of this unique programme are being provided vocational training like sewing, jute & paper bag making, greetings card making, mehendi paintings etc., which help them to empower them to earn their livelihoods.