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Humanity and Spiritualism

The root cause behind all the corruption and moral decay in our society is a singular lack of humanity, spirituality and self-righteousness.

Spiritualism is the path to self-consciousness. The lure of material success in a competitive world sometimes becomes so strong that it overpowers one's senses and blurs the difference between right and wrong. It is spiritualism that can help one stick to the path of righteousness. Spiritualism can help one get rid of prejudices, biases, subjectivity.

But, how many of us today believe in humanity and practice spiritualism seriously? Ancient India was the haven of vast wisdom and great learning, and people from the world over used to travel all the way to India to learn from us. But perhaps we, as a nation, have somehow failed in passing on the great learnings from our rich heritage to the future generation.

In an attempt to strengthen the moral fabric of the society and to create mass awareness about the human soul being embedded with 'divinity' and the need to awaken it through Spirituality, the Srei Foundation has conceptualized a unique annual event titled 'World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality'.

So far, five editions of this conference have taken place. Every year, this conference brings together personalities with diverse backgrounds and from different disciplines from India and abroad of the likes of:

  • Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam - Former President of India,
  • Dr. Mani Bhaumik from the USA - Author of book 'Code name God','Cosmic Detective',
  • Shri Bikram Choudhury 'Yoga Guru',
  • Dame Dr. Prof. Meher Master Moos President,
  • Zoroastrian College and Jb. Sayyad Wahid Hussain Chisti Sajjadanashin - Angarashah,
  • Dargah Ajmer Sharif (Rajasthan) and many more.

The objective is to discuss, debate and ideate on the various aspects of humanity and Spiritualism, its relevance in today's context, its link to multiple religions and how to practice and propagate Spiritualism amongst the masses.

The conference is a unique non-denominational and non-sectarian institution; respecting all religious traditions while having faith in one's own. A unique platform wherein all streams of thought converge irrespective of religious persuasion, inclusive of all disciplines whether belonging to science or humanities, sacred or secular, social or cultural, political or economic; where distinguished personalities share their thoughts and life's experience, highlighting unity in diversity and diversity in unity.

Through the confluence, we are motivating people to cultivate and integrate the inner virtues and outer being; to discern the love of family, of humanity and the world and to view them as one in a journey towards happiness and service.

Moreover, as our responsibility towards the youth, we have reached out to various schools, colleges, dignitaries and thinkers across the globe to spread awareness on spirituality, goodness and love for everyone through several thousands of students from different age – groups who participated in the debate competition, sit and draw competition as well as essay writing competition organised at the sidelines of the conference. The young minds were ignited and benefitted through various deliberations on spirituality as well as the competitions which is premised and woven around the theme of spirituality.

The experience of the World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality has been warmly welcomed by the public now for the last five years. The conference has received the whole-hearted support of the elite and the layman alike. It is the first of its kind to set a benchmark by taking in its sweep the multifarious and challenging issues concerning humanity, power and spirituality that are inextricably linked together.

The Srei Foundation firmly believes that if individuals can be motivated to cultivate their inner virtues, their actions will automatically translate into greater well - being for the society. To this end, the Foundation is aiming to make Pursuit of Spiritualism a major pillar of its CSR activities.