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Cleaning of lakes and water bodies

Srei Foundation have been supporting various initiatives to clean the environment. Some of the recent initiatives are:

The Santragachi Jheel

South Bengal's largest lake for migratory birds, was gradually getting choked by hyacinth and as a consequence reducing the advent of the migratory birds. Srei Foundation helped to clean up this lake by using backhoe loader, a construction equipment. The cleaning up activity of the Santragachi Jheel ensures the ecological balance and return of miugratory birds to the water body.

Santragachi Jheel (Howrah)

Bikramgarh Jheel

Another water body of South Kolkata, popularly known as Bikramgarh Jheel (South Kolkata) was getting choked and had dried up as it was being used as a waste disposal site. Srei Foundation had taken the necessary initiatives to clean up this area and the water body was finally restored.

Bikramgarh Jheel (South Kolkata)

Sainik Van

As part of the Times of India's I Lead India initiative, Srei Foundation helped to clean up the Sainik Van, off East Bengal Club assisted by members of the Youth Brigade.

Sainik Van - Mini Forest

Recycling initiative

In collaboration with SIFE SSCBS (an international not-for-profit organization), Srei Foundfation has initiated Project Akshar which aims at making optimum utilization of resources. By reusing one side used sheets that are discarded as waste by corporate and organisations, extremely affordable notebooks are being made which needy children can use. The notebooks are created by a financially backward group of deaf women in Delhi. These women, under the aegis of the Delhi Foundation for Deaf Women, have been imparted book binding skills by SIFE SSCBS, to ensure a sustainable source of income for them.

Eco friendly notebooks provider

Plantation drive

Planting trees is an effective way of countering carbon emissions from business and mitigating the harmful effect of carbon emissions. The following were the initiatives:

Srei Foundation had undertaken a massive tree plantation drive in Tamil Nadu and Haryana. Tree Saplings were arranged from the Forest Department and distributed to all the clusters across the telecom tower sites in Tamil Nadu. Over 700 saplings were planted across all the districts at the sites. In Haryana, 250 trees were planted at government schools and warehouses at Ambala with the help of Drive India.

Srei Foundation planted around 1,800 saplings at the NH2 bypass near Neamatpur Village, Assansol, West Bengal and ash dumping area of a Power Generation Plant.

Every year on 5th June Srei Foundation celebrates World Environment Day by planting tree saplings in various places with a message “We care for them, they care for mother earth”.

Tree plantation drive
Saplings plantation
Saplings plantation