Insurance broking services


Our Insurance Broking Company Services


At Srei Insurance Broking Limited, we start by understanding the needs of our customers better through an in-depth study and then recommend the most suited insurance coverage.

We, at Srei follow an extensive plan to understand the requirement of our customers to provide them with the most cost-effective insurance coverage. Our insurance broking plan includes an initial study of our client's profile, it is then followed up with the post study that among others includes providing guidance regarding insurance.

  • Clients initial study

    Initial Study

    • Evaluation of client risk profile, based on a study of the business environment
    • Recommendation of the most cost effective, integrated insurance package perfectly matched according to the risk profile
    • Audit and evaluation of insurance procedures and practices
  • Clients post study

    Post Study

    • Design the most cost effective insurance coverage
    • Provide continuous review, taking into account the changing business environment
    • Negotiate the most advantageous premium rates expected to emerge in the insurance sector
    • Ensure proper wording of insurance policies to streamline claims processing
    • Design information systems to provide prompt settlement of claims
    • Provide guidance during negotiation of claims

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