Energy solutions providers


Quippo Energy Pvt. Ltd.

We provide innovative solutions in gas based power generation that use combined heat, power and cooling platforms to offer significantly higher efficiency levels. We aspire to be a global, integrated energy player within the space of distributed power.

The core commitment is to deliver fast-track and clean energy solutions that match our focus of world class O&M and project management capability. Built on innovative business model, Quippo Energy redefines rules of conventional wisdom. We have an expanding fleet of gas based rental fleet comprising – Gensets, Boilers and Chillers offering reliability with uptime in excess of 98.5%.

We believe that there is an urgent need to balance energy usage by way of supply and demand management. Distributed power must play an important role alongside policies that promote large format power plants that potentially add carbon emissions into environment. Key factors in the power generation industry are sustainability and decentralization, coupled with efficiency and excellent availability.

We have also introduced Diesel Gen-sets on rental.

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