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iQuippo - Buy Construction Equipment Online

iQuippo is India’s first and a one-of- its-kind digital marketplace for construction equipment, machinery and services. The platform enables buyers, sellers and service providers to interact, negotiate and close transactions in a timely, transparent and cost-effective manner.

Aimed at consolidating and digitizing the extremely fragmented construction equipment industry in India, iQuippo aides fair price discovery, higher asset utilization rates, quicker pay-back period, and transparent dealing.

Seller can list their assets on the platform and get real-time offers from interested buyers from across the country. iQuippo’s proprietary asset certification program – iQuippo Certified – gives our buyers a detailed analysis of the listed equipment, thus empowering informed decision making.

iQuippo aims drive up the efficiency & utilization rates in the Indian construction industry by enabling wider market access, removing information asymmetry and delivering significant time and cost savings.

Today, iQuippo has become the preferred mode of transacting for industry players and stakeholders across the CME space, including infrastructure and real estate companies, contractors, consultants, banks & NBFCs, rental agencies, brokers, SMEs and individual business owners.

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