Road BOT company in India


Bharat Road Network Ltd (BRNL)

Bharat Road Network Limited, (BRNL) is a road BOT company in India, focused on development, implementation, operation and maintenance of roads/highways projects. BRNL was incorporated in 2006 as a developer and operator for highways, road and related projects on a BOT basis.

BRNL is involved in the development, operation and maintenance of national and state highways in several states in India with projects in states of Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha through partnerships with experienced EPC players in the local space where the project is located.

BRNL has a project portfolio covering 2095 lane km consisting of six (6) BOT Projects, of which five (5) Projects are operational and one (1) Project is under Construction. The operational projects cover approximately 1,622.44 lane kms, including major and minor bridges and our under construction project involves development of 400.24 lane kms, including major and minor bridges

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