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Every business must exist for larger goals which are beyond mere profit seeking.

Apart from being accountable to its investors, a business must also be accountable to the society and environment. Only then can it make a true difference. This is essentially the 'Triple Bottomline' approach adopted by global corporations in pursuing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives where society and environment count as the other two bottomlines apart from profit.

At Srei, CSR is about how we manage our business processes to produce an overall positive impact on our society.

The Company has distinguished itself in a challenging industry through the following realities:

We believe that companies need to embrace CSR as a way of doing business rather than looking at it as a compulsory exercise whereby a certain sum is allocated to benefit a few chosen entities. We feel that the society must grow in terms of standards of living, aspiration levels and also in terms of higher moral rectitude.

Our CSR philosophy encompasses all our stakeholders: customers, employees, society and environment. It extends to both – the external community and to our large and diverse internal employee base and their families.

Through our cohesive efforts towards this overarching belief, we are making a positive difference for a better tomorrow.

Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd. - CSR Policy 2015

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